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Proper foot care involves more than wearing comfortable shoes. People tend to take their feet for granted despite the fact that the feet carry us around every day. While people are quick to ignore foot problems or health issues until they cause serious pain, it is much more beneficial to seek professional care as soon as possible.

With our services, we can identify and treat the source of the issue instead of the symptoms. By addressing the cause, we can help patients continue to enjoy life without the pain in their feet getting in the way. There is no need to continue to struggle with foot pain.

With our treatment, we can help you find the pain relief and treatment your feet need.

Our Team

From the moment patients walk in the door to any necessary follow-up appointments, our team provides a comfortable and welcoming environment for patients. We strive to identify the source of a patient’s pain and customize the treatment to their needs. Our team will take the time to listen to the patient’s concerns while examining the patient. Pain in the body is a sign that something is wrong and the feet can send many warning signs that people write off as temporary or minor. Our team will also provide follow-up care to ensure patients continue to keep their feet healthy. We can treat a variety of foot conditions that are harmful to one’s overall health and quality of life.

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Our Services

We provide a variety of services to treat any health issues that can occur in the feet. In many cases, pain in the foot can be related to other health issues. This is due to the fact that people do not seek treatment for a foot issue until the symptoms get serious. While we provide foot surgery, bunion removal surgery and ankle surgery, we will attempt non-surgical methods first if we think they can effectively help treat the issue. We offer treatment for flat feet, plantar warts, peripheral neuropathy, corns/calluses, heel spurs, ankle sprains, ingrown toenails and other foot pain. We provide arthritic foot and ankle care, regenerative foot care and plantar fasciitis treatment as well.

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Client Information

To begin the treatment process, we are going to need to gather information on the patient’s current condition, medical history, any allergies, insurance information and other pertinent health facts we need to know. Once we gather this information, we will conduct an examination in order to determine the source of the patient’s pain and customize treatment for it. We will take the time to go over any questions or concerns the patient may have about the treatment. We will also go over if the patient needs any follow-up care. This can involve the patient completing certain exercises or stretches at home to help promote healing. Do not hesitate to begin treatment for your feet today.

Client Information