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While people may ignore proper foot care, it can prevent pain and other issues the result from corns and calluses. Many foot issues form from a lack of self-care and not seeking professional treatment when necessary. People will let the pain or issue continue to get worse until it causes excruciating pain. Other people will waste money on store-bought products that are ineffective in treating the problem.

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Corns and calluses are the type of foot issue that can start out painless and become painful over time. Due to not always causing immediate pain, people tend to ignore corns and calluses when they first begin to form. We can help to prevent the pain from getting worse with professional medical treatment.

If you have a corn or callus, give us a call to schedule an appointment or read below for more information on each.

Believe it or not, corns and calluses are the body's attempt to protect the skin from friction and pressure. Corns appear as a small hardened bump that forms on the top and sides of toes. In many cases, corns are smaller than calluses with inflamed skin that surrounds a hard center. While they may not cause pain right away, corns will cause significant pain when someone applies pressure to them.

Causes and Symptoms of Corns

The causes of a corn forming can vary per person and lifestyle. The main requirements are repetitive actions that create frictions and pressure on the feet. By identifying the signs and symptoms of corns, a patient can seek professional treatment. Causes of corns can include:

  • Wearing tight shoes and high heels that compress the feet
  • Wearing shoes without socks on a regular basis
  • Friction occurring on parts of the feet that do not bear weight
  • Having a pre-existing foot condition that increases the risk

Symptoms will include finding a hard and round bump on the foot that is surrounded by inflamed skin. This bump will only cause pain when it experiences pressure or friction from something that comes into contact with it. The may also look unsightly and almost like a wart.


Calluses are hard patches of skin the form on the feet, hands or anywhere with repeated friction. Calluses are thick hardened layers of skin that form due to consistent friction and pressure. People can get calluses on the fingers from playing guitar. Calluses will mainly form on the heels and bottom of toes on the feet.

Causes and Symptoms of Calluses

Calluses will appear as rougher patches of skin that are white around the edges with a darker skin center. While the color of the skin around a callus can vary per patient, serious cases may require professional medical treatment. People may attempt to try at-home beauty treatments or visit a salon, which is effective for minor calluses but not for serious cases. If the calluses begin to crack on the surface, there is a chance that infections can form in the feet.

The infection can create tenderness or pain under the skin. In other cases, the skin can become flaky, dry or waxy. Thus, it is important to have professional treatment to remove the calluses instead of attempting self-treatment.

Treatment Options

A Ambulatory Foot & Ankle Clinic, we strive to treat the source of the pain and not just the symptoms. This means that we will focus on identifying the source of the corns or calluses and recommending an effective treatment. We may trim away any excess skin in a non-surgical procedure by using a scalpel to remove the corn. It is important to not try this without medical supervision since it can lead to pain and possible infection.

We may prescribe a medicated patch that contains salicylic acid that helps to remove corns and dead skin. While there are over-the-counter brands in stores, they may not be as effective as a prescribed medication. By seeking our medical advice, we can ensure patients choose the proper option. Shoe inserts may also help to relieve the pressure on feet that can cause pain.

With each treatment, we may recommend a series of self-care techniques that will help to continue the treatment and keep the feet healthy. Some people may need to continue using a pumice stone, nail file or other tools to smooth out the dead skin. If a specific type of shoe is causing the problem, then the patient needs to stop wearing that shoe.

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